Organic Instagram Growth Made Easy 

Say no to bots! We can provide real human engagement with your ideal followers and help you grow your Instagram following ORGANICALLY! Communicate directly with the people you want to engage with through hashtags and other Instagram accounts, without lifting a finger. 

You go on being your bad ass self posting awesome content and we will do the hard work and find the right people to engage with so you get noticed! Want to learn more about our Growth Boost packages? Read on!

But First, Optimize...

Instagram Optimization Service

It's super important to ensure your Instagram account is set-up so that when your ideal Instagram follower looks at your profile, they will know immediately, that the NEED to follow you. We have created a package to help set up your we offer an Instagram Optimization Service.

What we do for you in our Instagram Optimization Service:

  • Work with you to identify your Ideal Instagram Follower (IIF)
  • Update your bio so that it is clear, concise and on-brand
  • Create 5 categories and custom covers for your highlights that suit your IG aesthetic. 
  • Set-up a that will hold multiple links for your top 3 call-to-actions.
  • Set-up all of your Instagram settings so you are good to go!


$99 One-time fee

For existing social media clients or in combination with any social services. 

$129 One-time fee

On it's own with no other services.

Instagram Manager Kelowna

Instagram Growth Booster Packages

Did you know you should be engaging MORE than you are posting? That seems pretty impossible when we can barely find the time to post consistently on Instagram, am I right? So here's an idea... leave it to the pros!

Our team of Instagram savvy experts will do all the heavy lifting for you. You just need to keep creating awesome and genuine content and our job is to get that content seen by the right people. We are creative in how we find your ideal Instagram followers and will be flexible with our strategy to see what works and what doesn't and make changes accordingly. 

We aren't trying to cheat the system, we are using Instagram exactly the way it was designed to be used and the algorithm loves that! No bots, not sleazy follow-unfollow tactics. Just straight up genuine, organic interaction with other awesome Instagrammers, every. single. day. Well, 5 days a week. :) Automate your engagement! You will forget that you are even signed up except that you will see your Instagram grow daily.. Can you tell that we are super excited to be offering this service because we know how much it will help so many of you?! 

Oh, you need help to create your content too? No problem! Ask us about how we can help you with your Social Media Management too. 

Growth Booster: Whisper

You know it's important but can't find the time or energy to DIY. No prob! We will help you grow your Instagram following organically, one bit at a time. This minimal package will help you consistently grow and a slower pace. 

$160 per month*

  • 1-hour per week of organic engagement
  • Monthly report
  • Monthly strategy suggestions

Growth Booster: Convo

You're serious about growing your Instagram account and you are frustrated that your great posts aren't getting the traction they deserve. We are here to help! 2 hours a week of organic engagement and you will see your following grow by the day!

$300 per month*

  • 2-hour per week of organic engagement
  • Monthly report
  • Monthly strategy suggestions

Growth Booster: Holla!

Holla from the rooftops that your brand is legit and should to be seen! Let us put in the time, lots of it and every day to ensure you are growing at a fast rate! 3-hours a week of engagement equals to approx. 45 mins a day, 5 days a week. We keep it consistent and genuine so you grow quickly with all the right followers!

$500 per month*

  • 3.5-hour per week of organic engagement
  • Monthly report
  • Monthly strategy suggestions

*Our Instagram Optimization Service is required for any of our Instagram Growth Boost packages. We want to ensure your money is well spent and you are set up for success! An optimized Instagram account will help you do that. 

DIY Growth Booster Strategy

$149 One-time Fee

You tell us what you want to happen and how much time you have a week and we will create a weekly schedule for you to execute!

No more wasting time guessing, we make a plan and all you need is 15mins, 30 mins or better yet, 1 hour/day to work on it! We do the research so you don't have to and give clear and easy to follow instructions on best practices for Instagram engagement and growth. Answer a few questions and we can get started!

Need More? Custom Packages Available

Not sure these packages will work for you? Contact me and I can customize a package for you.