Giving you back your time so you can focus on the big ideas!

As a former business owner myself and experience working with many small businesses I know the feeling of being buried in so many tasks that my big goals were left on the back burner. I needed staff but wasn't sure I could afford it! 

Investing in a Virtual Business Manager means you get all the support you need without having all of the overhead of hiring your own employees. That means no employee taxes, employment insurance or benefits. You choose the package with the number of hours that suits your needs with the option to purchase more or have the hours roll over to the next month if needed. It's an investment that will pay off because you have more time to work on the important things in your business.

Virtual Assistant Services

Top Tasks You Can Delegate To Me!

  • Daily Social Media Posts
  • Blog Posts with Keywords
  • Competitor SWOT Analysis
  • Ecommerce Management
  • Website Updates
  • Monthly Newsletters
  • Calendar Management
  • Monthly Expenses
  • Branding Board Creation
  • Promotional Campaign Planning
  • Market Research
  • Trade Show Planning & Follow-ups
  • and More...Just Ask!

My general rate begins at $35 CAD/ hour. I offer customized packages to suit your needs. Get in touch and we can work on a package that works for you!

How can I help you?

social media icon.png
Social Media Management

The most commonly outsourced task is social media because consistency is key! I can set up accounts on the SM platforms that work best for your business. Leave the content strategy, consistent posting, brand consistent graphics and engagement to me. 

Graphic Design
& Branding

One of my favourite things to do! If you feel your brand needs to be refreshed, I can help you put together a branding board and a new logo. Then we can work on using your new look to design coordinating business cards, social media graphics, web graphics and more. 

Website Management

Whether you have an existing website that needs tending to or you are starting from scratch, I can set up your website so you have a beautiful place for your business to call home. Let me manage your online store, blog, customer service, promotional campaigns and general maintenance. 

Everyday Admin Tasks

Let me help you with the little things that take up way too much of your time. From minor bookkeeping to email inbox management, I can help make your day easier so you can focus on your big ideas. There are so many tools online that help make your internal processes smoother and more efficient - let's find out which ones can work for you.

Content Creation

Blogging is a great way to improve your SEO. Allow me to blog regularly to keep traffic flowing using strategic keywords and SEO. Have me beef up your current product descriptions or your About Me page to make it more attractive to potential customers.

Strategy & Processes

Let's collaborate and come up with a marketing strategy or general business plan. I can help create procedures for your general operations. Having trouble figuring out the best process for a specific aspect in your company? Let me help research and set up the best fit for you. 

Need More?

I am confident I can learn to use any online tools or applications required for your task or project by researching them on my own time.  
Do not hesitate to ask for additional services. My goal is to make your job easier!


The lovely (and funny) Promise Tangeman explains why you should hire a Virtual Assistant and how to decide which tasks you can delegate to them!