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Yes, you have heard that building your email list is so so SO important for your marketing plan. For some reason, we always leave our email list on the bottom of the to-list and prioritize other marketing efforts like social media. But, what if I told you that if I were to choose any one marketing platform above all others, it would be email marketing? Why? Because we don't have to beat an algorithm and we own that list. If social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook were to change tomorrow, do you have a back up plan?

You may already have a thriving list and you want to nurture it or you may be completely overwhelmed with the thought of email marketing. Either way, I can help! I offer specialized email marketing packages and strategy to help you gain some momentum using the most powerful marketing tool available to us: EMAIL!

If this sounds like something you want to implement into your business, then read on! I would love to help you get your email list to start working for you and your business. 

Kelowna email marketing strategist

February + March Promo

Mini Email Marketing Strategy
$137 CAD

There are two parts to this mini strategy that will help you get your email marketing off the ground! First we need to build the list and second we need to nurture the list. You may be struggling with what to write about when you sit down to send out your emails or what your purpose is for sending out emails in the first place. My mini strategy will help get you started and you can take this general outline and recycle them for future months too. Perhaps most importantly, we need to attract the right people to sign up for our list. Read on to get a break down on what this strategy will include. 

Part 1: List Building

You can't do much with your list if you don't have one or if you don't have the right people signing up for it, so I will give you the outline to start a funnel to get people to sign up for your list. All you need to do is write the content based on my outline and set up your funnel in your email marketing platform. Don't worry, I will show you how in my client exclusive video tutorial. We will also take it one step further and create a 3 email automation in your email marketing platform (like Mailchimp, Mailerlite, ConvertKit etc) to welcome new subscribers to your list. 

You will receive the following outline:

  1. 1 Goal - Your goal for setting up this email list funnel. Besides just getting sign ups, what do you want to happen once your users are in your list? Buy a specific product? Sign up for your program? 
  2. 1 Lead Magnet outline - this is what users will see to attract them to your list. It usually entails a nice image and careful wording with a strong call to action. I will outline this for you in your mini strategy and tell you where and how to use it. We want this baby to convert!
  3. 1 Suggestion for an Opt-in incentive - this what you are giving to your subscribers in return for a sign up! I will suggest an opt-in incentive (aka freebie) that is appealing and easy to create. It will be up to you to create it!
  4. 1 Landing page outline - once the users have clicked on your lead magnet they will be directed to a landing page that can be created in most email marketing platforms such as Mailchimp or mailerlite. This page will have  some sales copy and a sign up form with a call to action, all of which I will outline for you.
  5. 3 Welcome email automation outlines - once your user signs up they will get an email with their freebie you promised them plus two more emails that will warm up your subscriber for a potential sale. You can set this up in your email marketing platform using the automation or sequence function. These will automatically be sent to your new subscribers over the course of a week or two which will be specified in the strategy. 
  6. Mailchimp Set up Tutorial - an exclusive client only video tutorial showing you how to set up your funnel and the different components. It's not hard, I promise!

Essentially you will have the blueprints to create a list building funnel that will convert! 

Part 2: Email Content Outline

Once we have a plan to get subscribers, we will need to start nurturing your list. You can't constantly sell to your list otherwise they won't stick around for long. You must create content that provides value to your subscribers with excellent subject lines so they are opened. This will help keep your community engaged.

I will create a whole month of outline (4 email outlines total) for your email marketing content with subject line suggestions and strong call to actions. You will be able to use this outline in future months too. The important thing is that you use it! I will also make suggestions on how to improve your email template so it is attractive and your deliverability rate improves.

I promise that once you receive your Mini Email Marketing strategy you will have the instructions you need to get it started. I know email marketing can be overwhelming but with this simple to understand strategy document you will be able to start making the most of the most popular marketing platform out there. 

This promo is available for the months of February and March only! Please ask any questions you might have! To book, contact me. You will then be sent an invoice along with a detailed questionnaire to get us started. 

Have some questions? Book a consultation with me to discuss which package is best for you and your business needs. 

Email Marketing Packages

Email Marketing Strategy

A one-time fee to prepare for your email marketing management. We need this to be in place so the goals and purpose of your email list are clear and so you can get best ROI on your email marketing efforts.

$197 CAD + tax

  • 3 email marketing goals
  • Ideal client profile
  • Brand profile
  • Content ideas for how to achieve goals
  • 2 month content outline
  • List building strategy
  • Template set up and design
 Weekly Email Campaigns

The recommended amount to keep in touch with your email list. Build a community and rapport by chatting often without being intrusive.  

$315 CAD + tax

  • Content creation based off of strategy
  • Email formatting
  • Up to 1 image
  • 1 revision per email
  • 4 emails total per month
1 Email campaign per Month

You want to gently nurture your list or keep them updated on the important stuff in one monthly go. 

$97 CAD + tax

  • Content creation based off of strategy
  • Email formatting
  • 1 revision per email
  • Up to 1 image


Formatting Only

You write the content, I help with direction of content and formatting your email so it looks great and is ready to send out. 

$67 CAD + tax per email

  • Content outline suggestion
  • Email formatting
  • Up to 1 image
  • 1 revision
2 Email Campaigns per Month

A little extra, bi-monthly send outs to keep at the forefront of your customers' minds. 

$175 CAD + tax

  • Content creation based off of strategy
  • Email formatting
  • Up to 1 image
  • 1 revision per email
  • 2 emails total per month
Need More? Custom Packages Available

Not sure these packages will work for you? Contact me and I can customize a package for you.