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Google Drive Tutorial

Google Drive is a powerful online tool to manage and store your digital assets. In my opinion, it is necessary in every business. In a world where we can work collaboratively from anywhere and we are moving at such a quick pace, it’s no wonder Google Drive was created to be accessible and organized. Tech tools like Google Drive serve one purpose: To support a productive and efficient system in your business. If you are asking yourself if you even need to implement Google Drive and learn more about the features available to you, then ask your self this question… Do I need to improve my efficiency and productivity? If the answer is yes, then it’s also YES, you need Google Drive


You can sign up for my free Google Drive training video or read on for more on my favourite features.

Choosing your Google Drive Plan

Google Drive is user friendly but it does take a moment to learn how it works and how it actually makes your life easier. Goolge Drive is a cloud based document management system that is accessible through any Gmail or Gsuite account. Google Drive gives you a whopping 15GB of free storage space compared to Dropbox’s measly 2GB. Google Drive over Dropbox any day. If you upgrade from the free Gmail account to a paid G Suite, you will have 30GB of storage space available to you in the lowest plan. Keep in mind, this also includes you email inbox storage, but it’s still a lot of storage that will take a long time to get through. I recommend a Gsuite account ($6 USD per month) so you can have a custom email with your domain name (yourname@yourbiz.com). I think this is important to have because there are few things more unprofessional than a generic Gmail email from a business. Having a professional business email will increase your credibility. This is not a short cut to take, trust me!

Welcome to the main landing page for Google Drive

Welcome to the main landing page for Google Drive

What does Google Drive do?

Once you’re in Gsuite, you will have access to all the amazing Google apps including Google Calendar, Gmail, My Business, Meet, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms and of course Google Drive and more… It really is an all-in-one solution for your business. Create, store, send and connect, all in one place. Google Drive is just one piece of the big puzzle but the key here is that it works with all the other apps seamlessly. In short, Google Drive will increase your efficiency because it is just that easy to access and make changes. Specifically, Google Drive will organize your files in a cloud based system and allow you to send and share documents easily which saves you time. Time is money. So, it’s safe to say, an organized system that buys you time, also allows you to use that time to earn more money in your business. Boom.

The Google Drive apps work seamlessly together.

The Google Drive apps work seamlessly together.


Best Google Drive Features

Google Drive has tons of great features but I will list the features I use daily. I demonstrate these features in my free Google Drive training.

  1. One click document saving from email to folders.

  2. Built in applications like Docs + Sheets

  3. Auto-save is a lifesaver plus access to version history

  4. Forms to collect information and save into a Google Sheet

  5. The security and accessibility of a cloud based system

  6. Collaborations are a breeze with simultaneous access to live documents with shared collaborators

  7. Ability to send large files via Google Drive rather than email

  8. Ability to share entire folders, great for working with virtual assistants

  9. Templates for everything in the Google apps

  10. Ability to reorganizing files without leaving your document

  11. It’s completely searchable, use the search bar to find anything

Organize your files in Google Drive right from you Gmail inbox.

Organize your files in Google Drive right from you Gmail inbox.

There are plenty of examples I can use for when Google Drive has helped me be more productive and these features are just a few things that have help make it possible.

Remember, technology isn’t supposed to be over complicated. It is created to solve a problem. In this case, Google Drive solves the problem of disorganized file storage as well as challenges with collaborations and of course, integration with out commonly used tools such as word documents, spreadsheets, calendar and emails! It really is built to work for you, not against you.

Take some time familiarizing yourself with Google Drive and start moving your files, documents etc over so you can make it a part of your daily life as a business owner. Get your team mates and collaborators on board and you will be amazed at how smoothly your interactions will become.

If you’re already a Google Drive user, tell me what your favourite features are?

Google Drive Tutorial

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