My Pick for The Best Content Planner - 2020 Colours

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The Best Content Planner 2020

I promised to share more productivity tools and this one lights me up! I recently came across the most beautiful and organized social media and blog content planner I have ever seen, The Content Planner!  To my delight, it is a brilliant Canadian woman behind the scenes. Toronto based, Kat Gaskin, has leveraged her social media presence to launch two E-commerce brands, The Salty Pineapple and now The Content Planner

After following @TheContentPlanner on Instagram I had one of those "YAAAASSSS" moments that someone was smart enough to put this together. Way to go Kat! We already know that calendar planners work so why shouldn't a physical content planner be just as useful? It's sort of amazing that this is the first one ever created in the age of designer agendas. The design is beautiful and the layout is functional. I am a big advocate for content planning - blog posts, social media, newsletters, Pinterest. All of it should be strategic rather than reactive. Without a plan we lose our direction and start shouting into social media space without purpose. Planning out your content will not only keep you on track but also save you time and stress so you don't have to worry about what to post next. Most importantly, planning your content will keep your goals in focus. 

The Content Planner is a great tool for the entrepreneur wanting to CRUSH her business goals and get organized with her content.  I've tried other planners but I really like that The Content Planner puts such a huge emphasis on goals and offers guidance as we plan out our weeks. Find out my favourite features of The Content Planner below. 

Plan and profit with The Content Planner

2020 Update

For the past 3 years, I have been updating this blog post with the new colours and my feedback on this amazing planning tool. I can tell you that the reason I am so passionate about sharing this with you is because of the woman behind it. I have gotten to know her a bit better through Instagram and a few conversations and I can tell you she is genuine, caring, generous and really passionate about helping women entrepreneurs. As am I! So, if you are on the fence about buying this beauty, know that you are supporting someone who deserves it.

This year, Kat has graced us with not one, not two but THREE new colours for 2020.

From top the bottom, you will find a bold and vibrant Sunshine + Emerald Sea colour combination. A fun and tropical palette.

Next, we have Powder + Pacific, a monochromatic soft blue palette. This will look beautiful on any desk.

Lastly, Kat surprised us with a very limited edition, Midnight Black! That gold sure pops against the matte black. With only 100 sets available, I am sure they will be gone in seconds. I WANT ONE! So much pressure!

Which one do you like?

The Design

Umm hello, gorgeous! I was immediately attracted to the coral, teal* and gold colour palette of The Content Planner and knew I need this on my desk. But what's really special is when you open the pages. Clearly laid out, minimally designed pages are ready to be filled with colour coded penned notes. I also really love all the social media stickers and the paper clips that come with the planner that help those of us that are very visual.  As creative entrepreneurs, let's face it, style and looks do matter. We are inspired by beautiful things and spaces. That is how we know this content planner was made especially for creatives like us. Because it's fab-u-lous.
*UPDATE: 2020 colours are updated in this blog post with the newest photos. :) Coral and Teal were from 2018!

A 15-Month Fillable Calendar

This was a deal breaker for me. I am notorious for using a paper calendar then abandoning it for a month or two only to pick it up again and waste 2 months of perfectly good paper space. The Content Planner solves this problem by including stickers to label each month rather than having it pre-labeled. So, if you decide to put down the planner for a month or more, you can just pick it back up and keep on going without any wasted pages. Plus, it's a whole 15 month planner vs a 12 month which means you get 3 extra months. So, if you were to break down the cost per month of this planner, it's less than $5 a month to stay beautifully organized. 

It's All About Goals

The Content Planner puts a huge focus on both monthly and weekly goals. This is so important with content planning because, without a clear intention, you are just posting nonsense. Posting with purpose is crucial and with The Content Planner, your goals are right there to see as you plan your month out.  Kat has thoughtfully included an “On Your Radar” section to keep you thinking ahead with your content planning.

The Content Planner Review

The Details

While the focus is on goals, there are also columns for wins, hashtags and potential collabs. All little things that can have a big impact on your content game.  The Content Planner creator helps us by leaving little spaces to remind us how we should be planning our content. Blank spots for what you need to be thinking about that month (on your radar) and hashtags you should try as well as potential collaborators or influencers to connect with. You will even find a reference guide with important holiday and retail days. It's not just a calendar, it's a guide to planning content well.

More Than Just Planning

The Content Planner is more than just filling in a calendar. There are many extra pages to dream and brainstorm. My best ideas come from doodles. When inspiration hits, always jot it down. I love that The Content Planner has really considered how the creative process for social media works. It starts with a random idea and made into a goal that gets worked down into a concrete plan.  

If you're not quite sure if you want to invest in the physical planner, I highly suggest Kat’s free resources. You will be eager to start planning when you work through these! Look for her free planning page downloads to try out The Content Planner too.

The Content Planner Review. Find out why I think it's the best social media planner on the market!

I plan on using my Content Planner in conjunction with my Instagram scheduler (Planoly or Later) and other tools like MailerLite for my newsletters and my handy Squarespace blog app for my phone. Although I use digital tools almost always, content is the one thing I like to plan out on paper so I can visually see how it's laid out. The Content Planner is the only physical planner out there!

What do you think? Is this a tool you think will help you with your content strategy? Are you a business that serves your community by offering lots of valuable content? Then you need something that will help guide you based on your goals and keep you organized. If you try out the printable planning pages or The Content Planner, let me know how you like them!

*This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase The Content Planner or any of its products through these links I will earn a small percentage of the sale.

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