How to create a Pinterest Graphic using Canva

...and then how to upload it onto your Squarespace blog!

How to create pinterest graphic in canva

I always get asked about the graphics I make for my business. I don't feel like they are anything too special and I always choose a design that takes me a few minutes to create for the sake of efficiency. But, I realized that many entrepreneurs don't know where to start when it comes to graphics but realize it's an important component to making their business look more professional! A client of mine wants to start using Pinterest in her marketing so I decided to create a video that walks you through the steps to creating a simple Pinterest graphic using the free online tool, Canva. I used a graphic from Haute Chocolate - a subscription based stock photography website. Please always be sure you have permission to use photos anywhere on your website! I then take you through the steps to upload it onto your Squarespace blog and then pin it to Pinterest! I hope this helps and feel free to ask any questions in the comments below. 

This is my FIRST tutorial video ever so don't judge. I have a lot of growing room. :) I appreciate your feedback!

*After reviewing my video, I noticed a small error (or unclear information). The main issue being that I stated that you need to upload the Pinterest image as a thumbnail onto the blog. This is not necessary for everyone. Because of the way I have my website set up, the Pinterest image is the main image on my home page (thumbnail) so I use it for that purpose but it is NOT necessary for pinning to Pinterest.