How I Got My First Client + Dollar Dame Website Branding + Design

About getting over my Imposter Syndrome and creating a beautiful website for Dollar Dame Coaching Co.!

Dollar Dame is LIVE

When I first started my business a couple months ago, I wasn't sure if I wanted to offer Squarespace website design. Or if I did, how much of my business would be website design and how much would be the online business management services. When starting out they always say - send an email to your friends and ask people for referrals! That's what I did. I simply posted on Facebook with my new website Lindsay & Co. and told my friends I was up and running. 

A facebook friend, Chrissy Benz, who I know through the local volleyball world - we are a tight group - tagged her friend Shannon Hickey, a local financial coach in my facebook post. I wasn't even advertising my website design services YET, because... one thing at a time. Shannon immediately said, "I love your website - who designed it?". I responded "ME!". She then filled out my online contact form and asked for a consultation. I hopped on the phone and chatted with her a little bit about her business and what she wanted for her website. Her answer was "I love your website so I want that." Well... I could do that! Because I already did! I sent her the contract, she signed it and paid her deposit and BAM, I was in business with my first client! 

how i got my first client and dollar dame coaching co website design

The reason why I wasn't sure I wanted to offer my website design services for Squarespace right away was because of the fear I had that I couldn't make websites my clients would love. Client satisfaction is obviously so important as a freelancer. A great referral goes a long way and a bad one can be detrimental.  In the creative world, there is something we call Imposter Syndrome. It's the constant fear that we are not as good as we say we are. Creativity is subjective so it's easy to have that fear that people won't like what you do - and some won't. But, the key is to find the ones that do like your style and are excited to work with you. These are your ideal clients. Lucky for me, Shannon is exactly that - my solopreneur, girl boss, super smart and driven, ideal client. I definitely learned a lot from this first project and it took us a bit long that we expected but the important thing is that Shannon LOVES it - and she does! 

Shannon is a Kelowna based financial coach who gives people the tools they need to make good financial decisions. Shannon wanted to inject her fun and feminine personality into her website and loved the imagery I had on my website. I recommended she sign up for a subscription for a Canadian stock photography library Haute Chocolate. Lucky for her, Haute Chocolate had an awesome theme built just for Shannon - hot pink florals and gold calculators and piggy banks! It was seriously MADE for Dollar Dame! Haute Chocolate also has brand packages and the May Pack from 2016 caught Shannon's attention. We used some of the elements and colours from that brand pack for Shannon's website. 

Dollar Dame Branding Board by Lindsay & Co.

One of the things Shannon wanted to start implementing more is Pinterest. We wanted to make sure her blog was Pinterest friendly. I created a Pinterest Graphic tutorial for her (and anyone else) so that she can continue with the same brand aesthetics when she is working on her own. 

Pinterest Image for Dollar Dame by Lindsay & Co.

The biggest challenge was trying to lay out her pricing and packages page. We spent most of the time playing around with that and ended up using a combination of graphics and custom CSS text boxes. I definitely, learned a lot doing that!

Shannon and I both really enjoyed working together and I think I made a friend out of the deal too! :) She has so many great ideas for the future of her business and I am excited to see Dollar Dame grow. That being said... get in touch with Shannon if you need a little financial advice! She can work remotely and locally. 

Without further ado, I give you the NEW Dollar Dame Coaching Co.! Or scroll down to see the layout of a few of my favrouite pages!

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