How to build your email list and actually use it!

I feel that many of you feel overwhelmed when you think about email marketing. How can you actually use your email list? I totally get it and I want to help. It's another platform that seems less important than other things you have going on. If you can barely stay on top of your social media and blog content, then how the hell are you going to stay on top of a newsletter too? What do you even write about? Why is it important? 

If you had any of these thoughts, then I will do my best to explain. 

How to organize your messy desktop

Hi friends! If you're like me and it looks like your desktop files EXPLODED, then I am here to help.  I have a free desktop organizer wallpaper for you! I hope it helps keep your desktop clean and organized. I am way more productive when I can visually see everything I need to in its spot. Are you the same? I am going to give you a few tips I use for organizing my laptop's desktop real quick!

Is using Grum a breach of Instagram's terms of service?

Valid fear, my friends. 

Instagram has been cracking down on apps that use their platform in any way other than how it was meant to be used. Recently, an app called Instagress which is a bot software that comments on posts using your Instagram account was literally shut down. Instagress's official announcement said they were asked by Instagram but we have a feeling they were told by Instagram, through lawyers. Yikes! So it's natural to feel a bit weary when using an app in your Instagram strategy that might give you an edge on other users.

Everything You Need to Know to Host a Killer Networking Event

 Networking is an important piece of entrepreneurship.

I have founded all my businesses on making the right networking connections. Networking allows us to build relationships with likeminded people that could possibly lead to opportunities in our businesses. What's stopping you from organizing your own networking event that suits your needs as well as others? Here is how you can host the perfect networking event.