How to organize your messy desktop

Hi friends! If you're like me and it looks like your desktop files EXPLODED, then I am here to help.  I have a free desktop organizer wallpaper for you! I hope it helps keep your desktop clean and organized. I am way more productive when I can visually see everything I need to in its spot. Are you the same? I am going to give you a few tips I use for organizing my laptop's desktop real quick!

Organized Desktop Wallpaper Download

1. Create High-Level Categories

First, decide on a few categories that most of your documents can live under. This will be different for everyone which is why I created a template you can customize on Canva. I tried to find a wallpaper with categories online that suited me but then realized I had to make my own since I couldn't find one that worked. Think about how to create broad categories for your high-level organization. If you use your computer for work mostly, it will make sense to have work categories. If you use it for personal, then think about organizing your personal documents. Personally, my computer is used for both and my desktop tends to fill up with screenshots and photos. It made sense for me to have a section for client work, my work, photos and personal. I then had one category for "in progress" for the files that I am actively working on and don't want to dig through folders to pull up often. When I am done with them, they will be filed away in their correct folders.

Take a minute to write down your high-level categories based on how you use your computer. 

2. Sort Your Files

This can seem daunting, but it won't take that long I promise. Now it is time to sort all your files that are basically spilled out all over the desktop. Delete files you no longer need in the process. Keep in mind the top high-level categories you created and now create folders for each subcategory. I have a folder for each client and each major project I am working on. I keep a lot of these files in my Google Drive and they're organized the same way. My photos section is divided into personal photos, stock images, graphic elements and inspirational photos (photos I want to keep for later) and creatives. In my work category, I have folders for my financials and specific projects within my business and a general business folder.  Whenever possible place these folders in other folders so you don't have too many folders on your main desktop. If you are overwhelmed then create a folder for documents that "need sorting" so you can at least clean up your desktop and come back to this step later. 

Pro Tip: You know all those freebies you have downloaded then immediately forget to actually use? Create a folder just for "Resources" and set aside 1 hour or more a week to pull a document from this folder to get your learning on! This week I am reading Meagan Williamson's Pin Potential Ebook. So, I pulled it out and put it in the "In Progress" section for easy access. 

3. Organize your Desktop!

Now it's time for the fun part. Download my free desktop organizer wallpaper template and customize the categories and colours to your liking using Canva! Canva is a free graphic design platform that is amazing. Save a copy of the file then get to work eidting it so it works for you! 

That's it! Take the time to organize your desktop and you will feel SO great about yourself and be a lot more productive finding files on your computer. I promise! Tag me in your before and after photos so I can cheer you on! 

Happy Organizing!



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