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I’m Lindsay. I am fuelled by iced vanilla Americanos and driven by the search for a balanced lifestyle for my daughter and me. As a marketing strategist, I help my clients create a plan to achieve their business goals and as a project manager, I help their team get it done. Being a solid 2 on the enneagram test, the helper, it’s in my nature to support and serve. To learn more about how I can help you, reach out to me!

Totally Techy Club Lindsay

FREE Online Workshop: 5 ways to use tech to boost your productivity

Check out the replay for the workshop I hosted during the launch of Totally Techy Club!

What I do

A little bit of everything really. What I am known for is marketing strategy and what I am good at is project management to oversee your team and get the project done! I believe that every big achievement starts with a plan.

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Elevate your biz with tech

I am excited to launch a brand new membership for women entrepreneurs who want to learn tech to elevate their business ad increase their productivity. Join the waitlist and wait for more details. Membership launching September 30th!

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What I talk about

I write about all topics related to women in business, marketing, side hustling, tech and anything I feel you might want to know about. I love to share what I have learned along the way. It’s what motivates me to learn more when I know I can share and help others.

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Lindsay & Co - Totally Techy Club

Totally Techy Club

I teach women entrepreneurs how to elevate their business using technology! No more calling yourself “not very techy”. Let’s learn together in baby steps. Doors are open until Wednesday October 2nd, midnight!


It is such a pleasure to have her in my life as a person I can go to for help with marketing and have as a local entrepreneurial friend.”

— Shannon Hickey, Dollar Dame Coaching

Lindsay and Co - Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy + Project Management

I run a tight ship. Let me strategize your marketing plan and organize your team to execute it so you get the results you want.